Final Creation
Original Image
Transformation 1
Transformation 2

INSPIRATION – Original image

VISION – Final creation


Brian Arte (artistic name) creates digital works, which continually test one’s ability to see reality from many different angles. The artist takes the stand of a researcher testing criteria of observing, sensing, comprehending, and memorizing reality. The narrative elements of places, objects, spaces, details, colors, textures can be overwhelming with the variety of auto-poetic visual realizations and experiences. It is up to the artist to find meaning in each image.

The artist selection is part of the process uniquely guided by a sophisticated emotional, cultural, social, educational, and experiential mix quality. On top of this, we can add motivational and inspirational elements to understand the complexity of the artistic process.  The original photograph is not subject to imitation. Instead, its constituent parts, digitally transformed, have become works of art per se. At the deepest, the primordial structure of a part of the image itself has been modified and become different in its inimitable uniqueness, thus transposing these creations into the imaginative, artistic sphere.

The narrative element finds a variety of poetic visual realizations as material from one’s reality. This is fused with the authentic experience of the artist’s own life and his memories. This associative flow of visual ideas appears as a level of reflection that yields a visual sum of emotional experiences, making them visible for observation.

 At its core, Brian Arte’s selection of works representing various experimental digital styles.  The work is about the metaphysical journey from reality source (original image) to the final creation. An authentic image (realty) is observed from a different point of view and accordingly digitally transformed into a new composition (art).

The observer is now in the position to follow through the time the artistic process of creation.